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Quakers Sites UK & Wales


Below you will find links to other Quaker sites for The UK and Wales.

Quakers in the UK

Quakers logo


Quakers in Wales, UK

Quakers in wales


Swansea Quakers, Wales, UK

Swansea meeting house


St. David's Quakers, Wales, UK

Curtis House


Woodbrooke, UK



Bridgend Quakers, Wales, UK

click HERE to visit www.bridgendquakers.org.uk.


Neath Abbey Iron Company, Wales, UK

Neath Abbey Iron Company

Neath Abbey Iron Company

The Peace Museum, Bradford, UK

Bradford Peace Museum in Britain

The Peace Museum

Peace Mala

Peace Mala: Hands

Peace Mala

Quakers in the Movies

Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)

Quakers in the Movies

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Neath Castle images 1790 - 2018

Neath Castle images 1905 - 2016

Neath Castle maps 1877 - 1992